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2019-12-29 01:55 am

Contact/Plotting Post

Plotting Post
and IC/OOC Voicemail

If you'd like to plot with Constantine's mun regarding some new way to screw him over, drop a line here.
He's open to multiple verses, and interactions with multiple versions of the same characters.

This post also works as a place to try and contact Constantine IC. 
He doesn't carry a cell phone, so there's no guarantee he'll get back to you,
but his mun will ruin his day in an extra-special way if he doesn't.
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2018-12-29 02:10 am
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How's My Driving?


Not that Constantine gives a damn what you think
of what he says or does,
but his mun cares.

Anon available.  All comments screened. 
Comments, questions, concerns, all welcome.
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2017-12-30 02:40 am
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Constantine FAQ

Character Info |

John Constantine
Age:  58   (born May 10, 1953)
Birthplace: Liverpool, England
Family:  Parents; Thomas Constantine (deceased), Mary Anne Constantine (deceased)  Siblings; The Golden Boy (twin brother, deceased), Cheryl Masters   Brother-in-Law; Tony Masters  Niece; Gemma Masters    Half-demon children by Rosacarnis [deceased]; Saul (deceased), Adam (deceased), Maria   Biological child, though his body was possessed by Swamp Thing at conception; Tefe Holland
Profession:  Con-man / Working class magus /  Supernaturally enhanced gambler / Former punk singer of the band Mucous Membrane
Abilities: Limited telepathy, precognition, astral projection, the successful invocation of elementals, demons, and angels, hypnosis, curses and hexes, oclumency, creation of illusions, limited necromancy, scrying and anti-scrying, divination, psychic meditation, golemancy, synchronicity wave traveling (basically uncanny luck - he's always in the right place at the right time), sleight of hand, escape artistry, in-depth knowledge of the occult, wide net of contacts and resources, cunning, and an incredibly smart mouth.  Demon blood in his veins (don't ask), which has healing qualities.

RP Info |

Canon:  Hellblazer comics, as well as the two novels by John Shirley
Played at: Mostly [ profile] dear_mun and [ profile] amusebox  these days; open to journal RP too
Verses :  None, at the moment
Friending Policy:  Anyone is free to friend this journal for whatever reason, especially if we've interacted at all, and you're interested in interacting with John more.  If I've friended you, it's for that same reason - I liked playing Constantine against your character and hope to get a chance to do so again.  I'm fine with friending mulitiple versions of the same character, and the characters can be from any fandom, or even original.
Shipping Policy:  John's got a pretty terrible relationship history, given that most people who get too close to him wind up dead.  Either that, or his girlfriends/boyfriends get sick of all the trouble he brings to the doorstep, and leave.  Nevertheless, he has occasionally formed some attachments that have transcended this, at least for a little while.   New ships would get a new verse.  If your character's interested in snogging or shagging John, it's more than likely totally fine (he's pretty easy).  If I ship him with anyone in particular, it's Zatanna.  I'm not interested in any plots where John gets married/has babies/tries out the ol' picket fence approach to life, but attempted relationships, or even just flings are cool, with either gender, though he tends towards women. 
Tagging Speed:  I usually kick myself if I haven't tagged back in over 24 hours.  Feel free to poke or prod me if it goes over this and you haven't heard from me.  Feel free to backtag much older posts, if you got pulled away from them.  I won't care.
Plotting:  I'm definitely up for plotting, with anybody at all.  If you want to do so, please drop a comment here.  It doesn't matter if we've never talked.  You can introduce yourself there.
Concrit:  If you've got a bone to pick with the way I play John, you can tell me at my concrit post here.  Or, y'know, we'll also take positive comments.
Other:  If I didn't address something that you'd like to know, drop a comment on this post right here.  Yeah, the one you're looking at.
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2010-04-20 12:10 am
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[ profile] sixwordstories

Too quiet.

Never a good sign.


LOG with [ profile] hailtheboyking : Finally continuing the Winchesters plot.  And trying to generally be less fail.
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2010-01-26 01:08 am
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Just an apology for tag fail over the last couple weeks, in general.  First, my grandma had emergency heart surgery, and then we spent a lot of time with her afterwards, and now we've had a death in my extended family, and the funeral was today.  Constantine's sort of taken an extended vacation whenever I've sat down to write him, and I'd usually rather wait until I'm feeling it to write tags than to just force out some kind of utter crap.

Should be back to normal soon here, though I don't want to jinx it.
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2010-01-11 03:30 pm
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2010-01-06 10:51 pm

[ profile] sixwordstories verse : featuring <user site="" u

Continued from here, wherein John asked Zee for some help in contacting the spirit medium looking for Jessica's soul, and/or doing some complicated magic.  Depending on how this all goes.  It also may or may not involve John being almost romantic, wut.


Bloke goes by the title 'the Third Grey of Ithaca' if that rings any o' your bells.  Keeps shop in the back of a casino.  [Grins at her sideways]  Who knows, maybe he's caught yer show.
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2010-01-04 11:30 pm

[ profile] sixwordstories : featuring <user site="" user="h

Constantine approaches Samuel, leaking out news about contact with Jessica's soul to get him to sit up and pay attention.

Meanwhile, he goes plane hopping to the Astral, seeking Jessica's actual soul, so that he can back up his bluff.
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2010-01-03 02:13 am

[ profile] sixwordstories : featuring <user site="" user="s

After a lot of heavy drinking on New Year's, Constantine's up for round two arguing with Michael.  This time, however, they talk practical matters, rather than just playing the accusation game.   Michael fills John in on Dean ([ profile] artistwithknife ) and Samuel Winchester ([ profile] hailtheboyking ), and their roles as future vessels.  Constantine agrees to attempt to bend Samuel's ear, in an effort to get him out of Lucifer's grasp.

This should end well.
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2010-01-01 02:02 pm

[ profile] sixwordstories

Constantine chats with Duela Dent and Barbara Gordon.
He also talks to Zatanna, regarding lame villain parties,
why he could never be part of the cape & cowl crowd,
and developing some perspective.
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2009-12-30 08:13 pm

[ profile] sixwordstories

Constantine summons some demons to tap into all the gossip down south.

Namely Mephistopheles [ profile] willwork4souls , Crowley [ profile] vintagebentley , Cho [ profile] darkenedcho , and Amon [ profile] princeofwrath .  They fill him in that a lot of the trouble seems to be on account of angels going rogue.  Mephistopheles points him in the direction of Michael and Uriel, so he conjures up some angels as well:  Raguel [ profile] unjustvengeance and Phanuel [ profile] iam_phanuel .   They confirm his suspicions, and then he accidentally summons himself [ profile] smokeandmagic from four years ago.  Oops. 

He also checks on the more earth-bound spirits by talking to the pagan Trickster [ profile] spittingfoxfire . 

After Phanuel goes off to talk to Michael, and Raguel gets frustrated with John, Constantine calls up Michael himself [ profile] stillasoldier and they have a frank discussion about the coming War.

Also, Z finds out about the Apocalypse that Constantine is in town to stop  investigate - it was only a matter of time, really.